My Experience

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I became a certified Iyengar yoga instructor in 2012, and I continue to study with senior instructors in both Australia and abroad. I've studied at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in India on three occasions over the past 10 years and attend workshops with senior teachers regularly. I lived in Canada for 4 years, where I expanded my studies and taught at an Iyengar yoga studio in Saskatchewan. I also furthered my Iyengar teaching certification under the guidance of several very experienced teachers in Canada and America, gaining the intermediate Junior Lvl 1 Certification.

My Mission

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My own regular yoga practice informs my understanding of my general health and well-being, and also supports my outdoor activities. I'm committed to share my knowledge and experience when teaching my students. I believe that everybody is different and will have both individual requirements and outcomes. It is also important for me to understand and consider their personal health condition that needs to be accommodated during yoga practice. 

Yoga is a practical tool for everyone to enjoy and reap its benefits to navigate life with joy and abundant health. With my knowledge of Iyengar yoga I am in a position to guide my students safely during practice, and to help them progress in sport & recreation, recover from physical injury, mitigate deteriorating health conditions, manage stress and many other difficult life situations.